Healthy Food Items You Can Use to Supplement Your Dog's Food

Most dog owners will want the best for their pet. As such, the nutrition that their pet gets from their dog food is of utmost importance. However, not many pet owners know they may be feeding their dog an unbalanced diet. Just as humans need an array of food items to be healthy, so do these animals. Here are some healthy food items that you can use to supplement your dog's regular meals

Chunks of pumpkin

If you are looking to incorporate more fibre into your dog's diet, pumpkin would be a great option, since this vegetable is high in fibre, which works toward enhancing your dog's digestion. In addition to this, pumpkin is also a source of beta-carotene. Lastly, pumpkin chunks are neither high in calories nor fats, so your dog can eat as many chunks as they want in one sitting. 

Flax seeds

If your dog's coat is shedding more than usual, then you should consider incorporating flax seeds into their diet. These seeds contain an array of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids function to improve your dog's coat, which reduces the rate at which it sheds. Flax seeds are also know to enhance the health of your dog's skin, thus decreasing the occurrence of skin irritations. They have high amount of omega-3s without increasing your dog's fibre intake. 

Dehydrated sweet potatoes

This type of food is a great source of vitamin A for your dog. Sweet potatoes also contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese, which all function toward improving the overall health of your dog. If you are looking for chewy treats for your dog that they can eat in between meals, dehydrated sweet potatoes are a healthy option to consider. 

Peas and green beans

Peas and green beans can be fed to your dog as a snack, or you can incorporate them into their regular meals. There are a number of benefits that these vegetables will provide your dog with. Peas are a great source of vitamin B and in minerals such as phosphorous and potassium. Green beans on the other hand provide your dog with minerals such as manganese and vitamin K. Green beans are also a great source of fibre, thus they not only aid in digestion, but also keep your dog fuller for longer. For these reasons, these vegetables are a great dietary supplement for dog who need to retain a healthy weight.