What are some different ways to collect rainwater?

Whether you live somewhere struggling with a bad drought or you simply want to conserve water at home, collecting rainwater is a great thing to start doing. It isn't difficult and many rainwater collecting methods are inexpensive. Here are some different ways to collect rainwater, which can then be used to water your lawn and plants instead of relying on the hose or sprinklers.

Use Rain Barrels

This is a common rain collection method since it is easy to do and doesn't require a lot of fancy equipment or supplies. To use this method, your downspouts that are below the rain gutters need to be high enough that the barrel can be placed under them. Some gutters are pointed close to the ground, so this might take some adjusting. Next, choose the size of barrel you want. If you live somewhere with a lot of rainfall, choose one of the larger barrels. The barrels are typically made of plastic and are pretty easy to find at home improvement stores. Leave the rain in the barrels until you are ready to use it, which is done by connecting a spout to the outside of the barrels and then connecting a hose to that.

Get a Rainwater Tank

Water tanks are a little more expensive, but can also be more convenient and efficient. These tanks are installed inside your home and work by connecting pipes to them. The rainwater goes down the rain gutters and downspouts like normal, then goes into a special rain catching area. This water then goes into the pipes and into the tank. The tank helps to clean the rainwater, then uses it to come through your faucets or toilets as needed. It is an excellent way to conserve more water in your home and use it for more than just watering plants.

Collect Rain in Any Type of Container

If you don't have a lot of money for a tank, or you can't get your hands on a rain barrel, any type of container will work. This might not be good for long-term use, but if you want a way to collect and use rainwater now until you get a barrel or tank, it works great. Choose any sturdy container that will hold the rainwater as it falls down the downspouts. This can be a plastic trash can of any size or a plastic bucket. These won't hold as much water, but they are still good for watering your plants. Instead of hooking up a hose to them, you simply use a water can to grab water from the bucket or trash can, then use that to water your flowers and plants.