3 Ideas for Developing your Home Herbs Garden

Is your favourite meal lamb racks with garlic and rosemary or roast turkey with carrots, celery, parsley, thyme, and bay stuffing? If yes, then it means you have been picking your organic herbs at the local market; however, did you know that you can save with a home herbs garden? Growing natural herbs at home are becoming a trend in Australia. To most households, the experience of handpicking herbs from a home garden for an evening meal is fulfilling in many ways.

However, while organic home gardening is easy, it is possible to produce healthy and tasty herbs with the right information. The following are ideas for developing your home herbs garden.

Sun, Sun, Sun 

If you are going to grow organic herbs at home, you need a site that receives enough sunlight during the day. It might sound clich√©, but herbs do exceptionally well in sunny conditions compared to other plants. If your objective is to grow a few favourite herbs, the kitchen window or even a vertical garden on the outside wall will do just fine. In the Southern Hemisphere, position the plant pots or vertical garden towards the North or NorthWest. This way, plants will be guaranteed of sufficient sunlight for better parts of the day,   


The main reason why most people decide to start a home herb gardens is to ensure that what goes in their bodies is all organic; therefore, your choice of fertiliser is critical. The good news is that all you need is organic manure that is readily available in the form of vegetable waste. Banana peels, egg shells, fruit scraps, and even coffee grounds are perfect sources of nutrients for herbs. Organic garden fertiliser allows herbs to grow fast and healthy while maintaining the herbs' natural taste.  

To learn more about your options, contact fertiliser services like Mirco Bros.


You know that plants need water to grow well. The question is, 'how much water is enough water for a window sill or vertical wall garden?' Notably, if you don't use the right strategy, you might overwater your herbs. Overwatering will lead to overcrowding, which is terrible for herbs since it encourages competition for sunlight. To get around the challenge, recycle an empty milk bottle by making tiny holes at the top then use it to water the plants. This way, you will ensure that your herbs get just the right amount of water required. Additionally, there needs to be a drainage system on the plant pot or vertical garden to allow excess water to drain out.