Convenient Excavator Attachments When Preparing Land For Agricultural Use

Excavators are considered to be one of the most versatile types of equipment for a range of construction projects as they come in a variety of sizes and can be outfitted with a vast range of attachments to enhance their functionality depending on the project's needs. Nonetheless, simply because this equipment is typically associated with construction work it does not mean that it is not just as functional for other projects and one example is for agricultural applications.

Whether you plan to utilise a standard excavator, which is quite large, for heavy-duty work or a compact excavator for lightweight projects, it is essential to hire the right accessories to maximise on productivity. The following piece highlights three convenient excavator attachments when preparing land for agricultural use. 

Multiple buckets

Excavator buckets essentially are what will carry substantial amounts of the debris created when preparing a lot. A common mistake one may make is limiting themselves to one bucket under the impression that it will carry out all the work but there is a reason why they come in a range of options.

To begin with, the varying sizes of the buckets can help with easing your load as you can transfer as many or as few materials depending on the work you are carrying out. Secondly, the different shapes of the buckets will also be suited to varying types of work. For example, a V-shaped bucket is best for trenches whereas a clean-up bucket has no teeth and is primarily utilised for scooping up the soil.

A rock breaker

This excavator attachment, as the name suggests, is designed to break down boulders, concrete or any other type of hard materials on the land you want to use for agricultural applications. A rock breaker is designed similarly to a jackhammer and it uses hydraulic power to pulverize the different hard materials that you want to get rid of. You can then utilise a clean-up bucket to eliminate the debris from the crushed supplies from the lot.

A clamp

As the name implies, this type of excavator attachment is designed to grip materials. It is a vital accessory if your project will necessitate the removal of large pieces of debris, such as tree stumps or big boulders that would otherwise not fit into any type of excavator bucket. Once you have cleared the large materials of the land, you can use the clamp to collect loose debris too when cleaning up the site.

For more information on excavator attachments, reach out to an excavator equipment supplier near you.